Masters degree

The Institute is linked to the MLitt in Gender Studies, which is coordinated by the Graduate School for Interdisciplinary Studies at St Andrews.  The MLitt is designed to train students in both the theoretical and practical aspects of gender studies. Our programme is intended to guide students through some of the key ways gender, class, race, ethnicity, sexuality, power, and socio-economic inequality interact and sustain each other. There is a strong philosophical emphasis at the start in order to provide students with the theoretical skills they will then develop in their particular research area of interest later in the course. Previous years have seen dissertations discussing fandom culture, medical protocols, and demonic possession.

Throughout the year students are encouraged to create and present ‘practical projects’ where they have the opportunity to engage with creative skills to investigate the subjects discussed in class in new and subversive manners. The course will also prepare students for the doctoral level by enabling them to navigate between the most cutting edge research and how that relates with the historical body of work that comprises the foundations of gender studies. This is then complemented through direct study with specialised gender scholars from a broad range of disciplines.  

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Link here: Interview with  Dr. Ana Gutierrez commenting on the Mlitt in Gender Studies 




  • It introduces key topics in gender studies.
  • Its interdisciplinary character helps you develop a more rounded understanding of the questions, concepts, and arguments involving gender.
  • Prepares you for further academic study and research.
  • Well-established links with the vibrant and diverse academic community at St Andrews will bring you into contact with current gender studies research across different disciplines.
  • Integrated training programme connects your academic learning with the development of personal and professional competencies.

Our MLitt in Gender Studies is distinguished by its interdisciplinary character and by an emphasis on an intersectional and transpositive understanding of gender. 

Degree modules

In addition to the two compulsory modules (below), an additional elective module per semester will be taken in an external department. This allows students to immediately and directly draw from the diverse expertise found at the university. 

Semester 1

  • Gender Theory: This module explores the history and theory of gender studies by untangling the impact of psychoanalysis on philosophy, whilst navigating the key twists in feminism, queer, trans, and critical race theory. The aim is to explicate how gender is defined, generated, and communicated in different contexts.

Semester 2

  • Interdisciplinary Topics in Gender Studies: This module provides an interdisciplinary exploration of topics that are central to gender studies. Guest lecturers will be presenting each week, allowing students to gain an appreciation for how issues concerning gender may be applied in different academic disciplines as well as outside of academia. Learning how to critically examine and engage with current issues and controversies surrounding gender is at the heart of this module.