About the Institute

St Andrews Institute for Gender Studies, AI Generated, 2022

The St Andrews Institute for Gender Studies (StAIGS) brings together staff from across the university with research interests in gender. StAIGS has over 100 Academic Affiliates across 18 schools: Art History, Biology, Classics, Computer Science, Divinity, Earth & Environmental Sciences, Economics, English, Geography & Sustainable Development, History, International Relations, Management, Mathematics, Medicine, Modern Languages, Philosophical-Anthropological-Film Studies, Psychology & Neuroscience, and Physics & Astronomy.

Gender Studies is an inherently interdisciplinary field of research, encompassing the study of issues that range from feminism and women’s studies to masculine studies, queer theory, and sexuality studies. Our approach is committed to an intersectional analysis of the phenomena we examine, understanding that gender, class, race, ethnicity, sexuality, power, and inequality are inextricably connected. Furthermore, at the Institute we recognise trans studies as its own field of research distinct from queer theory, and proudly support research in this area. 

Current Projects

  • Bi-monthly research seminars
    Twice a month we get together for a presentation from one of our affiliate members showcasing their latest research. More question time than presentation, these seminars are an excellent opportunity to see how gender impacts different academic fields. Keep an eye on the events page for more information about our upcoming talks! 
  • NHS Scotland ‘Gender Reassignment Protocol (GRP)’  reform
    A comprehensive review and update of the GRP is currently underway.  A letter was issued by Scottish Government on 8th July 2021 from the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) asking for this work to be started.  NHS National Services Division have a dedicated project team assigned to this work which includes consultation with StAIGS. If you are someone who uses or is waiting to use gender identity services, or are supporter, family member, guardian or carer of someone using services; make your voice heard here.