Funding Call for Research on Long-Term Health Outcomes for Those Accessing Gender Identity Healthcare – Chief Scientist Office ( 

Thursday 4 August 2022

CSO is inviting bids from Scottish Universities to host a research call / programme for Scottish Government funded research on long-term health outcomes for those accessing gender identity healthcare

Funding Call for Research on Long-Term Health Outcomes for Those Accessing Gender Identity Healthcare – Chief Scientist Office ( 

The call will aim to fund a number of Scottish-led research projects, focussing on gender identity healthcare experiences of people accessing primarily NHS Scotland services. The host institution will advertise the call, with any Scottish University able to submit one or more proposals for consideration.

 Potential areas of research focus include:

  • The experiences of healthcare provision among trans people who last accessed gender identity services some time ago e.g. after 10 years, or for older trans people.
  • Older individuals’ experiences of accessing gender reassignment treatments for the first time, including cross-sex hormones and/or referral for surgery. Research into healthcare professional’s attitudes to the efficacy of different treatment options at different life stages.
  • Non-linear use of gender identity healthcare pathways: for example, what range of reasons do people give for stopping accessing treatments through gender identity clinics?
  • Young people’s experiences from before and after accessing gender identity services: What are their experiences of wellbeing and development, including emotional, social, physical and intellectual/vocational? Perspectives from parents and carers, and from different relevant professionals, such as healthcare professionals or teachers, could also be included.
  • Why may some trans people who need to access gender identity healthcare choose not to access NHS gender identity services? This may include exploration of barriers to access and intersections with protected characteristics.

 The host institution will provide the administration for the call. This will include working with the Chief Scientist Office to advertise the call; setting up a panel to review applications; make funding awards based on the panel recommendations; oversee the progress of the research; provide a report collating the outputs of the individual research projects.

 Individual projects funded through the call are expected to be in the range of £20-30,000, and 6-12 month duration.

 The host institution will be provided with funding for a Ph.D. studentship in the area of gender identity healthcare.

 Bids to host the call / programme will be assessed against a number of criteria – these are available via the above link

Bids should be submitted via a PDF file to [email protected] and not exceed 3 pages in length in Arial 12 point. Please note that applications are invited from institutions rather than individual researchers and should be submitted via the relevant Research Office.

 The closing date for applications is 5pm on Friday 30th September 2022.

For further questions contact in St Andrews University: Professor Frank Sullivan [email protected]

Or Alan McNair MBA PhD [email protected]

Scottish Government Chief Scientist Office