St Andrews Institute for Gender Studies

The St Andrews Institute for Gender Studies (StAIGS) brings together staff from across the University of St Andrews with research interests in gender. StAIGS has over 100 Academic Affiliates across 16 schools: Art History, Biology, Classics, Computer Science, Divinity, Earth & Environmental Sciences, Economics, English, Geography & Sustainable Development, History, International Relations, Mathematics, Medicine, Modern Languages, Philosophical-Anthropological-Film Studies, and Psychology & Neuroscience.

StAIGS Internal Speaker Series

This term, StAIGS is introducing an internal speaker series based on the same structure as the launch event — short informal talks about common topics to promote interdisciplinary discussions and collaborations. Each session will have three speakers from three different departments discussing a common theme (Conviction, Space, Representation, and Memory). Each speaker will give about Read more about StAIGS Internal Speaker Series[…]

StAIGS Reading Group

StAIGS has a monthly reading group. All are welcome. The topic of each reading group is independent—so may come to them all, or feel free to pick whichever topics (or dates) are of most interest.

Launch – Flash Workshop and Reception!

On 4 December will be the inaugural event for StAIGS in Upper and Lower College Hall. Please join us! We will have a flash workshop, starting at 1:30pm in Upper College Hall, with talks from 13 staff members. At 5:30pm, in Lower College Hall, will be a reception. Book (FREE) tickets: